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It was 32 years ago when we found a most beautiful property in Westford, Vermont, which has been our home ever since. The first project requiring great vision was to restore the 160 year old farmhouse which had been abandoned for 30 years. Then it was on to building a barn, hen house, and the most basic of sugarhouse: a pile of bricks with a tarp stretched over it. All of this grew and became more sophisticated over the years.

We tried our hand at raising Hereford cattle, pigs, chickens, an occasional turkey, as well as a couple of horses who caused near lethal injuries to one member of the family.

Reg gradually reclaimed the overgrown meadows and forest, creating most beautiful views.

As the years went by, we became itchy to try a new project; a berry farm seemed ideal. One meadow seemed fit for raising berries, and raspberries became our choice, after successfully growing a small number of plants. Thus, it began modestly in 1993, and has grown steadily to become a mecca for raspberry lovers. We have built a clientele of the “pick-your-own” variety, as well as wholesaling to local markets. We pride ourselves on well groomed fields where anyone can pick, including our 90 year old friend, Irene, and Michael, a wheelchair bound child with muscular dystrophy.

We now have value-added products with the introduction of raspberry jams and jellies, raspberry vinegar as well as Reg's own recipe for raspberry-horseradish sauce.

We offer honey for sale from the very bees that pollinate our raspberry fields. There's nothing like raspberry honey! We have had some competition from a local black bear whom has discovered the beehives, and has helped himself on occasion.

Maple syrup is always available, and guests are always welcome to participate in the sugaring process each spring.

We look forward to your visit!

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